The Client Meeting Experience:

You are greeted warmly when you enter our office.  Our office is welcoming and upbeat and you will sense a genuine energy when you walk in our doors.  Our staff knows your name and recalls something of personal importance to you.  We make note of your preferred drink so we can offer it to you when you return.

When you meet with Ian, you will notice he takes a very educational approach to helping you navigate your options to strengthen your financial world.  His advice will inspire you to think bigger and reach further with your goals.  He will help you think beyond the immediate future and plan for your hopes and dreams.  We strive to give you a sense of confidence, comfort and security in the planning we do together.

Throughout the planning and implementation process, you are updated regularly with clear communication on next steps.  Your questions are often anticipated and answered before asked.  When you have a request, we respond quickly.  If things must take longer than expected or if something doesn’t go as planned, we use “pebble management” so you know we are right there with you working for a swift resolution.

Each step in your planning experience is documented and clearly outlined.  When your meeting concludes, you are accompanied to the door or elevator.  You'll probably be laughing as the conversation comes to an end and given a warm goodbye.


The Overall Client Experience:

We make planning a fun experience.  Ideas are challenged, lessons are learned, solid foundations are laid with guiding principles.  Clients sense that we are working in their best interest, however, we have objective tools to help verify the steps we take along the way.

Our clients enjoy spending time with us and know that time with us will be well spent.  We are thankful for their referrals as we know it is a reflection of their good experiences with us and the trust and loyalty they feel toward our firm.

As we further our relationship, our clients become our friends and feel like family.  We celebrate wins and joyous occasions and are there for them when life takes a curve in an unexpected direction, good or bad.  We find creative ways to further connect with our clients and create lasting memories along the way.  In short, we strive to continually go above and beyond to support our clients in their goals and help open their minds to what is possible.


We love our clients.